All is One – If you do not accept this, it means you are separate from that Great One

God ?

What is that ?

Is it a He or She ?

Is He/She/It full of love or hatred?

Is He/She/It full of knowledge or is ignorant?

Has He/She/It created the world and cosmos OR Was created by Man out of his knowledge/ignorance/wisdom/fear ?

Is it foolish for us or too unrational to believe in God?

Has anyone seen God ? Anyone personally known to you or me ?

Does describing God a foolish act similar to a blind describing the beauty of a rainbow ?


Many persons have seen God – I am not telling – Our ancient religious books have a limitless example of such fortunate souls who said they have seen God.

Were they concocting cock-and-bull story to make others believe they have seen God?


But, we can not disbelieve that these men saw God.

They never advertised but people flocked to them wondering why and how this person was different from them and got to accept that this person was a Unique person as he has seen God.

The truth was given out by the love, humility, peace, wisdom exhibited by such Unique Ones in their behavior and their communication.

Still, how to believe or reject ?

The only way to do this is to read, study and research all of what these Unique Ones spoke or ever written or their life?

I have a firm belief that the Unique Ones did really see or talk with God.

I am born into a particular religion. Many people in the West may not believe –  what is this nonsense ? – born into a religion– It is my right to choose and I do not automatically belong to a religion due to my birth.

I have no reply to make to them.

But I know I am born into a specific religion, as I am born into a family that practices that religion.

Do I mean to say that just by belonging to that religion / just by being born into that religion, I am eligible to say I am better than others who do not belong to my religion ? –If I say so, that is the height of my ignorance and egoism.

Basically religion has not created any physical differences in human population – except in outward appearance, the way one dresses, the way religious marks or symbols are used, the method of prayer, etc.

But the basic thing is the same – the relationship of man/woman with God.

In this all religion is the same. By whatever name called.

Still some others may retain the right of not believing in God. But why not ? They have their right and wisdom in not believing something which their mind does not accept. I do not certainly have anything against them.

But if there is any one thing in the world that can be accepted by anyone – both believers and non-believers – that is LOVE.

Love is the most essential commodity required for living as a human being.

Without love, a human being can be called a living assembly of blood and flesh.

All religions equate God with love.

I have never come across any better expression or description about love –  except those spoken or written by believers in God.

My knowledge is limited – I accept and admit. I may not have read all the books available in the world. I request the nonbelievers to research and find out and publish to the world stories of love that are excellently told by nonbelievers.

I know it is a never ending dispute –  either it stops when I get enlightened or it stops when you get enlightened.

The whole purpose of my starting this post is one.

I am reading and quoting from all the Unique Ones, be they belong to any religion.

When a Hindu writes about Rama, Krishna, Sakti, I take the words to mean God.

When a Christian writes about Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, I take the words to mean God.

When  a Muslim writes about Allah, I take the words to mean God.

A spiritualist who is born as a Christian and brought up as a Christian mostly sees God in the form of Christ.

A spiritualist who is born as a Muslim and brought up as a Muslim sees God mostly in the form of Allah.

A spiritualist who is born as a Hindu and brought up as a Hindu sees God in one of the various forms of God, or a formless God as his religion allows him/her to do.

Hence such thinking cannot be disrespected as promoting a particular religion.

Appreciate the universal Truth and wisdom pouring out from the depths of all religions which are just learned expressions about ONE GOD.


4 thoughts on “All is One – If you do not accept this, it means you are separate from that Great One

  1. Comparing with other religion is a waste of time and energy. One can find all the religions uniqueness when you worship only one God from a particular rrligion. From there the almighty will guide you to understand not only your faith but others faith also. The path to this has been blocked due to the thinking power of human. In order to understand this one have to surrender to God by saying have surrendered your knowledge. The.power of thinking is hindering this. People are confused on from where to start.


    1. Thank you for your detailed comment. Whether comparing with other religion is wasteful or not depends on one’s level of awareness and evolution. I follow what My Guru Vivekananda said. Maybe I will take a long time to reach your level.


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