Oneness that is explained by Religions

I shall go to the mosque of the Mohammedan;

I shall enter the Christian’s church and kneel before the crucifix;

I shall enter the Buddhistic temple,

Where I shall take refuge in Buddha and in his Law.

I shall go into the forest and sit down in meditation

with the Hindu,

who is trying to see the Light which enlightens the

heart of everyone.


Not only shall I do all these,

But I shall keep my heart open for all that may come

In the future.

Is God’s book finished? Or is it still a continuous

Revelation going on? It is a marvelous book – these

Spiritual revelations of the world.


The Bible, the Vedas, the Koran, and all other sacred books are but so many pages,

And an infinite number of pages remain yet to be unfolded.

I would leave it open  for all of them.


We stand in the present, but open ourselves to the

Infinite future.

We take in all that has been in the past, enjoy the

Light of the present, and open every window of the heart

For all that will come in the future.


Salutations to all the prophets of the past, to all the great ones of the present, and to all that are to come

In the future.




We want to lead mankind to the place where there is neither the Vedas, nor the Bible, nor the Koran; yet this has to be done by harmonizing the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran. Mankind ought to be taught that religions are but the varied expressions of the RELIGION which is Oneness.




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