Cause and Effect – Law of Karma

Cause and Effect – Law of Karma

The term ‘Karma’ means both work and its result, manifest or unmanifest. The doctrine has nothing to do with fatalism.

Each act done must bear its fruit. The fruit may be good or bad according to its nature.

Our actions have an objective result on the person doing it. It also creates and registers a reaction in the mind of the doer and gets stored as a seed in the psyche.

The doctrine rejects the notion of a whimsical God at whose fiat we have to dance.

It reinforces the truth behind the doctrine by urging the man to be the architect of his own future and entrusts the full responsibility on him for his actions.

Karma thus denotes both destiny and self-effort.

Yes, self-effort changes our destiny.

That is we can carefully build our future by taking care of how we act in the present.

– nytanaya


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