The ultimate goal of life

The ultimate goal of life

Many people are thrown into life, as it were, by circumstances and go on drifting in the direction in which life may take them.

There is a large mass of people, living below the poverty line who have to struggle for existence. They spend their whole life in an attempt to make both ends meet. (Jigirishu)

For the second group of people, who are a little better off, the aim of life is sense enjoyment (Bubhuksha). They earn to spend for their personal enjoyments.

A small minority of people is active and enterprising and like to work for personal gain or for others’ welfare (Chikirshu).

A still smaller group is in search of knowledge (Jijnashu). Their goal is learning.

And finally, rare few struggle for salvation, Mukti. (Mumukshu). Sri Krishna, in the Gita, says that out of a million, one, perchance strives for fulfillment and rare among such attain the highest goal of life.

— Swami Brahmeshananda (THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS)

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