7 signs that you are a bad employee

7 signs that you are a bad employee


Are you always late to work, spreading rumours about your colleagues, or shirking responsibilities? Chances are you are the bad seed at the workplace.

Some employees are better than the others, but what if you are the problem worker in your office?

Being a terrible employee doesn’t mean that you are lazy or unsuccessful professionally. You could also be a bad culture fit for the company if you don’t get along with your boss, or are in the wrong industry.

If you feel that you’re not doing a good job, then find out the reason and take steps to rectify the situation. But before that, go through these seven signs to determine if you are the troublemaker.

1. Not punctual:
Forgetting important deadlines, barging into meetings late, or crawling into work at random hours -habitual tardiness creates bad impression. It implies that you do not respect others’ time.

2. Excuses :
Don’t rely on excuses to justify your incompetence. Take responsibility and work on your mistakes. When in doubt, ask for help and make sure your work is complete.

3. Bare minimum work :
You do enough to avoid getting fired and if your boss asks you to handle anything challenging, you react with exasperation. You might be ruining your reputation with this kind of work ethic.

4. Love to gossip :
Not all gossip is bad. However, when it comes to the petty, mean spirited gab, stay away from the rumour mill -it’ll only hurt your reputation.

5. Overconfidence :
If you think you are the smartest one at your workplace, get over yourself a bit. It’s good to have confidence and you might be very intelligent in some areas, but no one wants to work with an arrogant colleague.

6. Looking for a way out :
If you are always watching the clock and can’t wait for the day to end, if you shirk responsibility at every opportunity and don’t care enough to push yourself, then you’re simply not committed to your job.

7. Constant demands :
All jobs involve negotiations. You should pursue the best possible salary, benefits, hours, assignments. But if you’re constantly making demands without giving any indication of the value that you bring to the company, then that could earn you a bad reputation .

Text from The Economic Times

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