My writing in Tamil and English – Final Choice : LIBRE OFFICE WRITER

My writing in Tamil and English – Final Choice : LIBRE OFFICE WRITER

After a 2 month long dabbling with various wordprocessing applications, I have finally settled with one application.

And that is Libre Office Writer, installed in Windows 10 system.

It is much more useful in many respects, than my earlier MS Word.

I do not wish to make this post a technical one. Lot of information are available in the web about the comparisons.

Hence I am no longer using MS Office, Wordpad, FocusWriter, WriteMonkey, etc. The Libre Office Writer has a full screen option which keeps all the clutter out and allows me to concentrate on thinking and writing without any disturbance from nagging popups and notifications.

When I type in Tamil, I keep the Azhagi+ on and am using phonetic input through English.

Libre Office Calc is also very good for my spreadsheet needs

I have been keeping my personal financial accounts in MS Excel, using macros. The workbook is based on double entry bookkeeping. I just make singleside entry. I have a sheet which creates offset entries simultaneously. I have a sheet having Profit&Loss account and another having Balance Sheet. The values are filled up by Excel function commands. The values are simultaneously / updated as entries are being made, thus I can view the P&L/BS at any time based on the latest entries. My macro I have created a process whereby the entries from the original entry sheet and the offset entry sheet are combined, sorted  accountnamewise and  datewise and preparing ledger accounts with balance column for the entries. When I ported this workbook on to Libre Office Calc, only the ledger preparation macro is not working. But I find that Calc is also allowing macros to be created and run. I should find a way of rewriting the macro in Calc.

Once I succeed in writing the macro for my financial accounting workbook, I may make it available for others by porting the file in my blog.

REQUEST: I request the friends and readers interested in the subject to respond , advise and share their experience.

—- nytanaya, the untrained computer user

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