Writemonkey and other such things

Continuing search for simple wordprocessors

After my last post in Facebook in Tamil titled தமிழ், அழகி மற்றும் வேர்ட்பேட் about my efforts at finding a bloatless word processor for writing long writeups, my search continued on the web.

What I found ?

There are many webpages like 14 best alternatives of wordprocessors, etc and besides the software mentioned in my above post, I found few other free apps like:

  1. FreeWriter 10.Markdown2pad 11.WriteMonkey

and many other trial and commercial softwares, categorised for use in Mac, Windows, Linux operating systems.

What results they gave ?

I installed all the three. The Markdown2pad is an excellent markdown tool with two adjacent windows, one showing what you type and another showing how it will look like. But it failed to create the second window and I unsinstalled it.

FreeWriter was installed and it worked well and there is no problem found except that it does not accept my way of inputting Unicode Tamil through Azhagi+.

I installed WriteMonkey and it works fine both for English as well as for inputting in Tamil.

Why I feel WriteMonkey is better

The interface occupies the whole screen and thus effectively removes all distractions and allows the writer to concentrate on his thoughts and type for long without any hindrance.

All the menu options are available only on right click and this app gives lot of useful shortcut keys (mostly what we are used to in Windows enironment.)

It allows export to html, doc and rtf formats.

Even if you do not want to use shortcuts, it gives simple codings to get the effect:

typing double star before typing a title gives it a heading1 style;

typing single star before a line gives it a heading2 style;

typing double inverted commas before and after a line makes it bold;

typing single inverted commas before and after a line gives the line in italics.

Example of an output from WriteMonkey

This writeup or post is the example. This I have typed entirely in WriteMonkey. The Tamil words were typed using Azhagi+ on.


— N Ganapathy Subramanian 10 August 2017

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