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Preventive Healing


Nine Factors of Preventive Healing

Proper Diet Proper Breathing Sufficient Proper Exercise Proper Etheric Hygiene Emotional and Mental Hygiene
Proper Human Relationships Proper Livelihood Proper Lifestyle Preventive Pranic Treatment


Proper Diet

Proper diet means physically and etherically clean nutritious food. Physically food must be free of dirt, germs and chemical toxins. Etherically the energy of the food must be clean and luminous. Fish is cleaner than meat. The energy of vegetables and fruits is quite clean and luminous. Nutritious means the food mix should contain sufficient physical nutrients and lot of pranic energy or life force. Fresh food contains lot more life force than frozen foods. A person who is partially depleted can quickly be revitalized within a short period by just eating two raw eggs. Taking 1 or 2 grams of bee pollen is physically nutritious and contains lot of life force. It is advisable for a patient with severe ailments to become a vegetarian temporarily or permanently.

Besides clean food, clean air and clean water are also essential.

Proper Breathing

Chest breathing is incorrect way of breathing and abdominal breathing is the correct way. It is the diaphragm which enables the lungs to expand and to contract. The lungs do not have the capacity to expand or contract by themselves. With abdominal breathing the abdomen is slightly pushed out during inhalation, causing the diaphragm to be pulled down which enables the lungs to draw in more air and during exhalation, the pulling in of abdomen causes the diaphragm to be pushed up making the lungs expel used-up air. Abdominal breathing is natural, and infants and small children do it naturally without being taught.  As children grow up, they are taught the wrong way of breath, which is chest breathing.

Sufficient proper exercise

Exercise has a cleaning effect both physically and etherically. Physically, waste matter and toxins are eliminated through sweating. When a person is exercising, the auras of the energy body pulsate; whitish grey light or used-up energy is expelled and fresh pranic energy is drawn in. The chakras, meridians and the organs are cleansed of used-up energy and diseased energy.  Blood and pranic circulations are greatly improved by regular exercise. Regular physical exercise is a must to maintain a clean, healthy, vitalized and healthy body.

When a part of physical body is being stretched or contracted or rotated, the corresponding chakra pulsates, expels used-up energy and draws in fresh prana.

Proper Etheric Hygiene

Proper hygiene consists of physical hygiene, etheric hygiene, emotional hygiene, and mental hygiene. Smoking dirties both the physical body and the energy body with dirty brown energy, blocking the meridians, congests and overactivates the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA,MENG MEIN CHAKRA and BASIC CHAKRA, lungs and Back Heart Chakra dirty, making the smoker susceptible to hypertension, heart ailments, etc. Liquor habit and drug addiction equally dirty the etheric body and the addict is susceptible to undesirable external psychic influences which manifest as psychological ailments.

In some places, the lands are dirty etherically, light grayish energy coming out of the ground. If the reclaimed land is dumped with garbage, then also the land gets etherically polluted. These areas in the long run affect the physical and psychological health of its residents. Other such dirty energy places are hospitals, funeral parlors, cemeteries and others.  For persons who are relatively weak, it is advisable to take a shower using water and salt to remove etheric contamination after visiting such places. Other healthy persons also must take a shower with salt and water just to be on the safe side.

If a room has been used by a sickly person for a very long time, then the room is filled with diseased energy and it must be cleaned. If a room has been occupied by a negative or psychologically disturbed person, then that room is not conducive to one’s wellbeing. Etherically dirty rooms can be cleansed by (1) using water and salt (2) burning sandalwood incense (3) praying (4) exposing to sunlight (5) other steps.

Objects can also be etherically contaminated.  It is better, as a general guideline, to avoid lending one’s personal things to others to avoid etheric contamination. Likewise it is advisable to avoid using the personal things of other people. The author noticed  the case of his student getting pain on one of the areas of his kidneys,  later realized it was because he was contaminated while driving his car himself when his driver who was having kidney ailment for a long time went off on leave. Similar thing happens when we buy a second-hand vehicle from a very sickly or negative person.

Contamination happens also when one is interacting with people like sick person. Sick people unconsciously absorb some of your healthy pranic energy and you may also accidentally absorb some of the diseased energy. When one is regularly embracing or embraced by a loved one who is sick, one may tend to become sick too. It is like a sick person embraces a tree to absorb tree’s life force which eventually may make the tree die.   Dilemma comes when one if embraces gets affected etherically and if one not embracing leading to emotional hurt. It is a healthy practice to go to the beach regularly about once a month, the body getting highly energized with prana from the fresh air, sunlight and ground.

Proper Emotions and Thoughts (Emotional and Mental Hygiene)

Proper emotional and mental hygiene consists of internal and external hygiene.

Positive emotions and thoughts like happiness, kindness, joy, enthusiasm, etc. tend to have beneficial effects psychologically, etherically and physically.

In many instances, negative emotion is one of the critical factors, if not the most critical factor, in sever ailments. Since most people are quite emotional, the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA being the centre of lower emotions tends to become dirty and malfunction. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is located at the centre of the trunk and very near to most of the vital organs. Malfunctioning SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA adversely affects the proximate organ(s). Sometimes, Front SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is normal but Back SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is congested and usually such type of people tend to be tactful and usually do not express their negative feelings.

Harbouring or explosively expressing negative feelings for a prolonged period may manifest as (1) glaucoma (2) migraine headache (3) acute sinusitis (4) hyperthyroidism (5) respiratory ailments like asthma (6) heart ailments (7) diabetes (8) gastric or intestinal ulcer (9) high cholesterol (10) infected lever (negative emotion weakens the body and lever making it susceptible to infection) (11) constipation (12) twisted intestine (13) damaged kidneys (14) hypertension (15) rheumatoid arthritis (16) cancer and others.  

When negative emotions are accompanied by negative thoughts, the upper chakras like THROAT CHAKRA, AJNA CHAKRA, Forehead Chakra, CROWN CHAKRA will be affected leading to hyperthyroidism, acute sinusitis, migraine headache, glaucoma, epilepsy and others.  When negative emotions are accompanied by expressed or inhibited physical aggression,  the lower chakras like MENG MEIN CHAKRA and BASIC CHAKRA get affected leading to hypertension, damaged kidneys, herniated disk, skin ailments, rheumatoid arthritis, blood ailments and others.

At the present level of man’s evolution, people are quite centred in emotions, they are focused or polarized in SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA. Hence SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA should be thoroughly treated in most cases involving severe ailments.

Although pranic healing can affect the emotional state of the patient, rate of healing would be faster if the patient makes a conscious and persistent effort at improving his emotions.

External emotional and mental hygiene means proper company since emotions and thoughts are transmissible and negative emotions and thoughts are infective. Prolonged interaction with persons with psychological problems may manifest as physical ailments like in the case of priests, nuns, social workers, psychologists who interact with psychologically disturbed people tend to become psychologically affected and become sick.

It is preferable to be sexually selective as after such an interaction, contamination may happen physically, etherically, emotionally and mentally.

Food should preferably be handled and prepared by persons in good health with happy disposition since bad energy and good energy can easily be transmitted to food and objects.

Forgiveness and Loving-kindness

Some severe ailments are emotional in origin. In the case of patients with deep-seated hurt or resentment towards certain persons, the rate of healing will be much faster if the patient consciously tries to forgive them. Even though by pranic healing the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA and other chakras become clean, if the person recalls the person(s) or the event(s), the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA will again become congested and dirty.

The act of forgiving is therapeutic and necessary for good health.

Being habitually critical, irritable or angry is also very unhygienic and bad for health in the long run. The remedy is to learn to appreciate the good qualities of others, to practice kindness and to learn to be calm.

Proper Human Relationships

Cruelty to fellow beings and to animals is one of the major causes of severe painful ailments. What you sow is what you reap (Galatian 6:7). This is the law.

If one repeatedly causes pain to others, then one will also harvest intense pain in the form of severe ailment. If one repeatedly deprives others of physical sustenance (income, money or food), then one will also be deprived. This may manifest as severe ling ailments, gasping for life and also adverse financial effects.

Even prophets are not exempted from the law of karma.

Negative karma can be neutralized by (1) Learning the lesson that has to be learned (2) Using the law of forgiveness. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned (Mt 6:12, Mt 6:14-15) (3) Using the law of mercy. By showing mercy (being kind, helpful, charitable and gentle) to others, mercy will also be shown to us (Mt 5:7). Avoid cruelty to others; this is a major key to good health, to happiness, and to avoiding severe painful elements.

Proper Livelihood

The nature of work, the psychological condition of co-workers, and the overall working environment of a person do affect considerably the health of the worker. In this so-called modern developed world, there is too much stress or tension. There is lot of (1)work pressure (2)hurriedness (3)worry and anxiety (4)irritation, anger and hurt feelings (5)excessive aggressiveness (6)bullying (7) harassment. Severe stress in the long run affects SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA and other chakras to malfunction.  This may manifest as gastric ulcer, heart ailments, hyperthyroidism, severe sinusitis, migraine headache, malfunctioning lever, damaged kidneys, general weakness, depression and others.

Meditation would definitely be a help in coping with stress. But in certain cases the condition is so stressful that it is wiser to change to a better job or better livelihood that is less demanding and with saner working condition.

The psychological state of co-workers is also important since stress is physically very infectious. Stressed people consciously or unconsciously transfer a great bulk of their stress energy by being nasty and rude to others. This type of behavior is unacceptable and quite uncivilized. In the future such behavior will be considered coarse and barbaric. It is very impolite and improper to dump one’s psychic feces on others.  The proper way to dispose of stress energy is to meditate, to do self pranic healing or to have pranic treatment. Work productivity can be improved substantially by letting executives and workers have regular pranic treatment.

Prolonged stress is a psychological ailment which will adversely affect the human body. In more developed countries, stress is a national epidemic. It is the right of each worker to have not only a physically safe working environment but also a psychologically healthy environment to work in. It is just a matter of time that this basic human right will be recognized and respected.

Proper Lifestyle

The lifestyle of a person is an important health factor. Undesirable habits and excessiveness are to be avoided like smoking, use of tobacco, drug abuse, excessive hard work (14 – 16 hours per day for several months or years), excessive fun (too much fun or too much night life for prolonged period).

You ask yourself these questions

  • Is the money and excessive luxury worth the inner emotional problem, the failing physical health and deterioration of family life?
  • What about the quality of life?
  • What about the psychological wellbeing of the children and the spouse?
  • What about one’s spiritual wellbeing and one’s spiritual development?
  • Are these not important or even more important than excessive material possession and excessive luxury?

Being rich and prosperous is indeed a blessing. But wealth should be acquired intelligently and not at such a heavy price.

=== Courtesy:  Advanced Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui


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