Keep your Values and Health in tact, in your Career


One of my friends has quoted the tenets of working life as derived from the teachings of Lord Krishna to hesitant Arjuna. That nothing is yours, before you the job was there, after you the job will be there, you brought nothing, you will take nothing, forget about you, about promotion, about success and so on an so forth. I reproduce the observations I gave on his post.

Almost everyone learns on the job. The difference between personal ambitions and actual achievements are often the result of one’s own decisions and lack of awareness on job demands, growing competition, running to catch impossible targets, all just to earn a name, which is ultimately costing quite a lot on health, peace and safety.

If anyone tries and succeeds in practising all, not one or two, but ALL of the above tenets he will find himself not fitting with the job and the organisation also will feel inconvenient to keep him on the rolls.

All that one can do in any given career are only two things.

One is to forget the self, and work hard and reach the top in the career at all costs, but after the tenure ends, you will have more money but less health and less people really close to you.

The other is trying to reach the organisation’s goals (as that is the purpose for which we are paid) and at the same time taking extreme care in not diluting our personal principles and values.

In the second method, the career route will be tortuous, make you think of frequently quitting the job, but if you manage to stick on till retirement, you will have less money, more people close to you and good health in tact. All the illnesses you would have suffered in the career are born out of discord between your value system and the compulsions of official life, which will miraculously disappear and leave you with a good health and peaceful fearless mind which is very much required.

The winners who chose the first method will have inherited from the job incurable diseases, as completely forgetting conscience and values will make you very ill with such diseases, which has been proved by doctors also.

All our thoughts, aims, behaviour and actions in which the distance between our heart and our brain is very long, always bestow on us irreparable losses of health, love and peace.

— N Ganapathy Subramanian

N Ganapathy Subramanian

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