Subtle Energy (by William Collinge)

Subtle Energy: Medium of the Spirit

(excerpts from SUBTLE ENERGY by William Collinge)

Energy is the ‘raw material’ of which Spirit is continually forming our physical reality. Energy is the medium in which the Spirit moves through our world, the bridge between Spirit and matter.

Indian mystic Swami Mukundananda refers to the Spirit or the Absolute as Kundalini. (not verbatim)

We are beings of energy, living in a universe composed of energy.

Soothing the heart:  Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath, California, have found that feelings of love and tenderness affect the heart energetically. The heart is by far the most powerful of several energy centres in the body. When feelings of care and love and love are accessed, the beating pattern of the heart shifts to become more even and regular. This in truth alters the electromagnetic field of the heart, which then brings tremendous benefits to the person at all levels — body, mind and spirit.

Maggie, 81 year old woman living alone for many years and diagnosed with irregular heartbeat for a long time miraculously corrected her problem without any medication, after a pet dog started living with her. The treating doctor found that the feelings of love and care emanated by Maggie helped heal her problem. (not verbatim)

Magic of a kiss:  A two year old Amy runs across the living room floor, stumbles and falls. An immediate eruption of screaming and crying which followed  stops within seconds when her mother picks her up, holds her close, and kisses her and she is playing again contentedly. (not verbatim)

Being held and kissed, she is reconnecting with the energy field to which she has been entrained from conception onward, to this moment. It is the experience of being reimmersed in the energy field that is the ground of her being.

Research findings show that we indeed become energetically connected to the people we are closes to, so much so, that our brain waves may react to things that happen to them though we are far removed from the situation.

Likewise, there is scientific evidence that when we are part of a group, such as a prayer group or meditation group, we become part of a shared energy field that can have powerful impact on us.

Ralph, a 45-year old attorney, who had been suffering from a liver ailment that could not be helped by his doctors. He began working with a shaman who used collective visaualization. That is, the shaman would have four of his assistants sit closely around Ralph, about two feet away, commingling their energy fields with his. They would then chant and visualize for about twenty minutes. After several months of these weekly treatments, Ralph’s symptoms were completely gone, and his blood tests all came up normal.

A risky business: Our energetic connections with others can also carry some risk.

Katherine has been a successful and highly regarded psychotherapist for fifteen years, specializing in the treatment of people with depression…She often ends her sessions with giving her patients a hug as a gesture of her support and caring for them as human beings.

Recently, however, she has encountered an obstacle all too common in her profession: burnout. She starts each day with plenty of energy but feels dragged out and depleted at the end. She is feeling a decline in her enthusiasm for her work but still believes it is her right calling in life.

Katherine decides to learn more about energy by taking a class in Chi kung.

In the ancient Chinese tradition of Chi kung energy cultivation, (the mother of all martial arts, which teaches how to generate more energy and conserve what you have,) there is a principle that when you touch another person there is an exchange of energy. Furthermore, energy will move from the person with the highest energy to the one with the lowest energy.

Her teacher is adamant that she should stop hugging her patients and keep her energy for herself… She has adopted a new style of working in which she no longer ends her sessions with hugs and finds herself having more energy at the end of her workday.

Intimacy and energy: (There ) is a classic problem in relationships that is the result of incompatible energy types. We can complement or conflict with others depending on our unique energetic nature, and Ayurveda, the ancient energy-based “science of life” from India, helps explain why. (For example the pitta  the type that has a lot of fire element ) makes a person naturally more “inflammable,” with a propensity to be both judgmental and passionate.  A (vata type person) is naturally more easily thrown off centre, more vulnerable, and more insecure. Unless they (a pitta-vata couple) both are aware of their tendencies and compensate for them, putting a pitta  and a vata is asking for trouble. A kapha ( type person is) more solid, resilient, and able to balance his (a pitta type person) fire with his grounded, softer qualities.

The guidance of Ayurveda can be very practical in understanding the subtle energetic dynamics of relationships and even in choosing a mate.

Ayurveda prescribes procedures to pacify the nature of the energy type by better choice of foods that may reduce the aggravation of their type of energy.  (NGS)

He lost weight without changing his diet: Like what a person eats is important, when to eat is also an important factor in Ayurveda. (NGS)

Vital energy goes through a sequence of specific phases in each 24-hour period, and there are optimal times for eating and digestion that directly affect us.

Willard, a person struggling with a tendency to put on weight for many years, could lose his weight just by changing the timing of his meals. (not verbatim)

… to be continued…


N Ganapathy Subramanian March 19, 2017

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