Subtle Energy (by William Collinge) Contd..

Subtle Energy: Medium of the Spirit (excerpts from SUBTLE ENERGY by William Collinge) Contd

When Spirit Enters: Energetic experiences that we have during spiritual practices can be both surprising and exciting. Every spiritual tradition has a way of accounting for the energetic phenomena that occur during devoted spiritual practice. The common theme is that an infusion of energy can come into the body, often accompanied by flashes of light and waves of heat. These are experienced as moments of “in-spiration” – entry of the Spirit – when energy from another dimension seems to be moving through us.

A less sensational but still fascinating impact of spiritual practice is one involving the methodical chanting of prayers. A group of Benedictine monks who had been chanting daily for years stopped the practice. Soon thereafter they began experiencing low energy, sleep disorders, and other health problems. All their symptoms disappeared when the chanting practice was reinstated.

It turns out chanting affects our energetic anatomy on several levels, from the electrical potential of our brain to the energy passing through energy centres throughout our body. Millions of people are now learning through the popularization of Gregorian chant music that this practice can serve as a delightful means of self-generation of energy.

Life on Earth: Subtle energetic influences from the earth, the moon, and the sun affect our lives as well. A mutual funds investor times his investments to coincide with a certain phase of the moon. His associates think he’s loony, but he seems to be uncannily successful at what he’s doing. Now researchers have found that for some unknown reason, mutual fund profits do in fact follow the lunar phases. This is not the only effect of the moon, however, as research has also found links to mental hospital admissions, suicides, and even lottery payouts.

This is one example among many showing that the energies of the moon and the sun are involved in a cosmic dance that can influence our behavior and play a role in our lives each day. Then, on a more down-to-earth level, there are the energies of the earth herself. Our home planet radiates its own energy field in which we are immersed our entire lives. We feel its pulsations, and we are affected by its moods.

Some energies surrounding us in our environment – such as the geomagnetic field – are known to science, but others remain the province of esoteric tradition.

The notion that the earth is a living entity, with its own subtle energetic anatomy, has given rise to some very practical insights as to the nuances of life on earth.

For example, Judith and Stanley have recently moved into a new home. Even since the move, they have been having difficulty getting to sleep in the same bed together and have had to resort to separate bedrooms. They get along well in all areas of their relationship but form some reason just can’t get to sleep together. They can’t put their finger on it, but something seems to be “off” energetically.

Stanley has heard about feng shui, the Chinese art of working with the subtle energies in the physical environment to create harmony and peace in one’s surroundings. He decides to call in a feng shui  consultant  to evaluate their home and see if anything can be done to improve the bedroom.

The consultant immediately notices that suspended from the ceiling in their bedroom is a large beam that runs lengthwise over the bed, splitting it down the centre. The beam is a divisive force energetically, he explains. They decide to shift all the furniture in the room, moving the bed under a clear area of ceiling. After doing this, they discover that their sleep is harmonious and undisturbed.


In the hands of a healer:  Subtle energies are taking centre stage in the quest for new healing technologies. The laying on of hands and other ways of working in the energy field without physical contact are enjoying a renaissance and are now being validated scientifically.

Jane, who had a hysterectomy five months ago, has been unable to lie on her stomach because e of pain from the adhesions. Edith, a nurse who is also a biofeedback technician and pain control specialist attends on her. Her technique varies with people based on her own intuitive guidance when with each patient. With Jane, she employs off-body Therapeutic Touch which involves no physical touch and no counseling. Edith simply focuses her attention on the energy field surrounding Jane’s body and moves her hands through it. After just one session Jane remarks, “I could feel the adhesions just melt. The pain was dissolved.” (not verbatim)

Shawna, who was having an ongoing problem with headaches, after a head injusry from an automobile accident, went to another practitioner, who worked in her aura, about two to three feet away from her. (not verbatim)

Shawna could feel the pain being “pulled” out of her head. “I could swear I just had surgery,” she said afterward, “because it felt as if something has been removed from that area.” The practitioner later explained, “I was aware of the experience of energy shifting, and I felt something come into my hand. I was trying to pull it out. She didn’t experience any more pain in her head after that.”


Coupled to the Cosmos: Our Subtle Perceptual Abilities  The energy healers who worked with Jane and Shawna were relying on their own abilities to perceive another person’s energy field. Through practice and study, they have developed the abilities to detect qualitative changes and irregularities in energy. These are not unique gifts to them, however, as we are all capable of such sensitivity.

These abilities can be applied in some other very practical ways as well, outside the realms of healing and interpersonal relations.

A farmer who could not keep full his two-acre water pond, built at great expense, called a dowser to help. The dowser walked the entire perimeter of the pond with a pair of dowsing rods. At one point he put a stake in the ground with a little red flag on it. He told the farmer that if he’d dig down sixteen feet under this flag, he’d find where the pond was leaking.

The next day the farmer brought in a back hoe and dug straight down sixteen feet, where he found a gravel deposit, the source of the leak. After he sealed it with clay, the pond filled up.

We all have a remarkable capability to sense energies that may not be detectable by technological means. Each of us has, in effect, a subtle perceptual system that we often rely upon without even being aware of it. When we are aware, however, we can use these abilities for some very practical ends.

But what exactly are we perceiving? In the worldview of Western culture, which is based on what we think of as our physical reality, any kind of energy must be measurable by scientific instruments in order to be taken as real. According to conventional physics, there are only four kinds of energy in existence: electromagnetism, gravity, and two subatomic forces called the strong force and the weak force. Yet, consistent with the worldviews of indigenous cultures, ours, it appears, is a multidimensional reality, one in which we experience a whole spectrum of energies, some from the physical dimension and some from beyond. Indeed, Dr Kenneth Klivington of the Salt Institute observes that many spiritual traditions “invoke the existence of previously unidentified forms of bioenergy that may interact with (the body’s electrostatic) fields.”

How can it be that we are able to sense energies that the most sophisticated technology cannot detect? The answer lies in the human perceptual system itself. In Beyond Biofeedback, Dr Elmer Green of the Menninger Foundation states that : “(some energies) have not been detected with scientific instruments because these instruments have no parts above the (physical) level, Humans have all the parts and can therefore detect a greater spectrum of energies. Instruments are made of minerals, and lack the tranducer components needed for detection. .. In other words, living beings are coupled to the cosmos better than scientific devices, which are, after all, quite limited tools (emphasis added).”

A tranducer is a device, like a microphone, that converts a signal from one form of energy to another. It appears that our ability to detect and work with subtle energies is based on a transducer system that involve our endocrine glands, our nervous system, and our own biofield – to which these systems are coupled.

Of course, our biofield is itself a subtle phenomenon not measurable by technological instruments. It is the presence of our biofield that makes us alive, and when we die it is no longer present. In a sense, you could say our biofield is life, and it follows that  any living system  is a transducer because it bridges the physical dimension and the subtle realm beyond.

 N Ganapathy Subramanian, April 17, 2017

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