Can You Enjoy the Super Moon with Tired Legs ?

Super Moon and the Tired Man


Stood in the Queue, Stood in the Queue

Card in the hands, Bard in the mind

Happy that One, One out of the millions

Stopping the menace, by holding the hands.


Hands that chisel, hands that write,

Hands that wash, hands that dry,

Hands that nurse, hands that heal,

Hands that feel the pinch of money.


Pain in the legs, Sore in the mind,

Vain in the queues, Four in the day

Ache in the sigh, But hope in the eye

A King can make the whole nation stand.


Money and me separated by queues

But mind and pride together stronger

If not today, tomorrow is there

I got until the new year is out.


Nation forgot the Children’s Day

Money rules everyone’s Day

I feel happy at Moon at a distance

I feel happy at Nation in the future


At last, a first step to make Fear

Find its place in the minds of

Corrupt few and vacate the minds

Of the virtuous majority.


© Ganapathy Subramanian N

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