Grand Robbery

Grand Robbery

Not a thing I knew and I was happy
That was then, long ago
And what is now ?
I know I am not happy.

I did not know how to walk
Or to speak or to understand
But I was happy
As all I knew was to smile.

Smile was the first emotion
Oh no, Crying was an action
Happiness the first feeling
Knowledge was never in the way.

Yes, knowledge stands in the way
The more I started to know
The more I started to learn
The same stood in my way.

As a barrier
As a distance
As a smoky screen
As a boulder

That blurred my vision
That masked my passion
That diseased my system
That made me docile

In the whole of the way
On that beautiful road
That stands between
Happiness and Me.

My quest to know
To know about life
To know about things
To know about people

Was all a meaningless pursuit
Was burdensome and feary
Was troublesome and bloody
Not linear but in a circle

That keeps you near
Yet takes you far
Dear becomes the far
And far becomes the near

Am I gaining ?
Am I losing ?
No need to know
As there is no difference.

Not a thing I knew, but
I was happy
As a baby with the mother
I knew I was happy.

—– Nytanaya  22.10.2016



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