What Is Karma ?

Karma is the law of cause and effect in operation through the volition of the individual, i.e., where a choice or decision is involved.  If the choice – through thought, word or deed – is based on the principle of good-for-all, good karma is impressed in the Akashic Records.

However if the mental-emotional-physical action is negative, it is etched as a “print” or pattern of negative energy in the Records. This negative pattern will continually influence your life and affairs until it is corrected or worked out.

The vibration of your energy field at this moment comes from both your self-created positive and negative karmic patterns. Those patterns are reinforced by drawing like energy from other individuals ( like attracts like ).

Accordingly, a high-vibration consciousness ( good karma ) will attract those who will help you achieve your goals, and you will be drawn to those whom you can provide loving assistance.

But a heavy karmic wheel loaded with debts created through negative actions will attract rather unpleasant people and experiences into your life – and your negative energy will be taken on by others of a similar vibration. And this negative attraction will help you to work out your karmic debts on the physical plane.

Understand that every karmic debt left unpaid when you make your transition will be carried over to another life.

So isn’t it foolish to go through your days in this incarnation bogged down with the patterns of your miscreations, and then having to bring them all back with you again?

The negative energy pulsating in your force-field makes you vulnerable to just about every type of undesirable condition – and you can satisfy your debts by experiencing those conditions.

But never forget . . . you are the master of your destiny, and you can neutralize those patterns and transmute the negative energy.


By making a definite decision, a choice through your will, to think, feel, speak and act  according to the Christ standard.

( note: Dear friends. Do not assume Christ standard to denote Christianity – here, Christ means God . A spiritualist who is born as a Christian and brought up as a Christian mostly sees God in the form of Christ,  just like we Hindus assume a Hindu deity form if we talk about God. Such thinking cannot be disrespected as promoting a particular religion. Appreciate the universal Truth and wisdom. – N Ganapathy Subramanian.)

Forgive yourself and forgive all others without exception. Take control of your thoughts and correct your thinking the instant it tilts downward.

Cancel out negative feelings by practicing unconditional love with everyone.

Watch your words and speak only words for creative and progressive good.

Consider the motive behind every action and make sure that you will create only good for yourself and others.

And above all, spend time each day in silent contemplation of , and meditation on, the Spirit of God within you.

As you realize the Presence and assume your true Identity, the slate will be wiped clean and you will be free.


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