Luck, Karma… A Cycle of Cause and Effect

We all have a lucky charm…a pendant, a pen, an exam board, a favorite set of clothing, a particular color -very few can deny this fact. We take them to our important exam, our important meetings where things of importance occur and also have it with us when we feel we need an extra push, beyond what is in our hand. How often we scream in sheer excitement when we win a lucky draw or an unexpected lottery!!! What good luck? Isn’t it? Our happiness overflows when we meet such situations when we get something out of the blue and unexpected, and something of real good worth. It could be winning a trip abroad… winning a new product for home, and so on. How exactly do we describe luck? The dictionary meaning terms it as, “any success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s effort or own actions.” For example in a match when the first throw results in a basket, everyone applauds “what good luck”. Now whether it was sheer skill or was it chance it is debatable! Some people always consider themselves lucky and some people feel they always have a run of bad luck. Why is it like that? Does something called luck, fate or karma really exist?

On the other hand let us consider this; our work is not shaping up as we would expect it to with all hard work we are putting in. Or suddenly one day you are faced with a vacation notice of your apartment, the money you had saved and put in shares looses value and you make a loss…..a series of such misfortunes start piling up. The moment anything bad happens we rush to find reasons on which we could put the blame on. We all somehow strive to prove that we are not at fault. Then who is it that we can play the blame game with? And immediately it comes out of your own mind that you are a victim of fate or this was destined, it’s all in His hands. What are we to do? Sometimes life situations overcome you with their sheer unexpectedness and sudden life changing pattern that you are left wondering, what actually happened? And you conveniently put it fate.

We expect life to run in a certain manner, sometimes it does and it makes us happy. Yet again sometimes just does not go according to our wishes and it makes us all stressed. Life does not conform to our expectations always. Things do not always happen as per our convenience and comfort, and that’s how life is supposed to be! And yet we end up asking ourselves, why me? Why not someone else? Who actually controls our destiny? Who is in charge? Does it not surprise us that if all was actually in His hands the world today would have been a perfect place for all of us to live? It may have had the best of circumstances we could have ever imagined. If God was the creator of our destinies how could there have been so many discrepancies in destiny of millions of people around us? Imagine you had the power to write the fate of your child, as a parent what would you do? Well, naturally you would put down the best of education, health and wealth attributes and a seemingly perfect future as the power is in your hand as a parent, would you not?? Then how do we imagine that HE as our creator could put to our destiny all the hardships and challenges we face in our lives? Even if it were the worst of our enemies we were to wish upon certain things we would not wish for the disastrous situations that happen in some lives around us. What explains these things? It shows that it is not all fate and destiny. There are things beyond luck which anyway is a random feature in life. What exactly is it? Well, it is karma? Buddhists and Hindus believe that it is Karma or the ‘Law of Cause & Effect’ that can lead one to salvation.The way you give yourself to the rest of the world through your deeds will eventually come back to you. Karma is a direct reflection of our actions and deeds we have been indulging in this life. It could also be described as our psychic energy which projects from us as our actions. Karma works on its own independent time frame and hence it cannot be as such predicted.

The Law of Karma or Law of Cause & Effect:

The law of Karma states that each individual destiny is decided by their own karma or actions and not by good or bad luck as people say. Rather good luck is a manifestation of good deeds, either of present life or the lives you have lived before.

We walk hand in hand with our karma as we lead our life, making our own choices and facing their consequences of same. Karma and destiny have a very direct and close relationship with each other. Destiny is the accumulated result of our karma. We have lived our lives listening to the age old wisdom “As you sow, so shall you reap”. That clearly shows that our destiny is in our control, since we are the masters of our action and the choices behind them. Being more or less lucky than others is a matter of understanding that it is directly linked to your karma. So, in simple terms it is not fate or luck, it is your karma knocking at your doors. Good or bad is all what you have done. You will sometimes see that actions taken long time ago will spring up results in the present and will continue in future as the ripple continues.

The law of cause and effect is also sometimes called the law of ultimate justice. This law transcends time and space. It may be this reason when encountered with it in strange ways we are at loss to understand it. When we see a young man in his prime years losing his life in a car accident, without even with a chance of saving him we wonder how the law makes logic in such circumstances, leaving us hurting and angry. Since our understanding of the law is limited and we are co-relating it to only the current period and time, it happens beyond us. We are unable to even see any learning from the same when such incidents happen. Like said before this law moves beyond time and space , the law may sometimes take years before a wrong deed of someone somewhere is set right. But it will be done and there is no escape. Time, location or area has no impact on it because it does not work on the physical bodies we are carrying around. Even though this law states that every deed is rewarded and good begets good. Bad begets bad. In spite of such clear workings of it the ultimate aim is not to punish anyone. It works more as an enforcing agent in our lives for our learning to happen. It is more as a teaching for mankind to keep the balance of universe. Nobody knows when the law will impact us for which karma of life so it does good to ask the almighty’s grace every moment we live.

This law functions on Newton’s Third Law of Motion that any action has equal and opposite reaction. Any action performed by us produces equal and opposite reaction, either at the same time or a different time frame. This law is a universal principle which governs all living beings. It not only controls but decides our destiny, through our good or bad deeds. When we evaluate our life and realize that certain things are not the way it should be and wonder that in spite of our actions being right, why is it that we face hardships and challenges. The answer may lie in our own being, understanding it may take a while. What we are evaluating is where we see ourselves right now at the present moment. Do we know how our karmic account is and where we stand today, may be not because we account for ourselves now not knowing how we have fared before. Karmic accounts carry on just like our souls from one life to another. The debts and credits keep changing as do our deeds. As if there is a cosmic accountant who keeps an account of everyone’s good and bad deeds in present and previous lives and twists and turns the fate of individuals accordingly. The cosmos or the universe as if maintains a record, immaterial of our life a balance is strived upon as far as karma goes. This may come as a piece of good news to us because then control on your destiny comes back to your own hands. This was initially invested in hands, beyond our control, to Him. Well, he does control our destiny but not in creating it but in guiding us every way towards it by giving us the courage and strength to make and live our choices.

This law is a basic spiritual principle which is a common thread in all religions whether it is Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Is and so many others too. This brings to fore the knowledge that each religion may look different and may feel different in living it yet works towards the common goal of brotherhood and compassion towards all. The Holy Bible also brings to fore the same thought in these chosen words- “as ye sow, so also shall you reap”. It clearly brings out that you reap what you yourself have sown, good or bad as you chose. Hence you stand responsible for the same, for your actions, and deeds towards this world and humanity at large. As you created it, you shall not shy away from experiencing its effects too. If you engage in good deeds be assured you shall meet the same in return. It stands true for bad deeds too. Everything we stand for today is the sum total of all our actions executed till that particular point of time. If at all we see a lot of things going haywire in our life, we need to redirect our actions to fix them.

By doing that we help ourselves in changing the direction of our lives. Hence there is no such thing as accident, chance or luck …it is what your actions have been and what you got in return. The actions are the cause and the situations are the effect we are faced with. What we have been, are today and will be tomorrow is in turn creating the conditions and situations of our life and helping build our future in front of us. As we react to all that is around we will decide how our future transforms accordingly. This law not only gives us the understanding of our experiences and reality, it also provides us with a tool to improve the same for better. When we acknowledge that the power is within us to bring about the change in what we call as fate or destiny we feel all powerful and our consciousness relates to it and works towards it. Rather than feeling miserable and transferring the blame on something or someone it is time we took responsibility for our reality and also for changing it if we are not satisfied and happy about it.

Karmic Account:

In life we may have come across situations when we are in a social gathering we meet a completely new group of people. Over the evening two instances occur. In one instance you meet person A and distinctly take a dislike to him, for no visible reason. You get a feeling that you can’t be friends, not even good acquaintances and are not even keen on any further interactions. There is no explanation, yet your feelings are strong. In the next instance you meet person B and take an instant liking to her or rather spend the evening with her .You seem to have a lot in common. There is no explanation, yet there is a strong connect. What explains this?? The hidden answered for both situations lies in the law of karma.

It is explained by the concept of karmic account. A karmic account is an account between two souls and their interlinked karmas. Almost like a bank balance sheet, with its credits and debits. This is where the similarity ends because in your bank account net balance involves interactions or cancelling between credits and debits. But in karmic account your credits or karma is in one group and bad karma or debit in another. Both are never mixed to give your final karmic account. So every soul faces the consequence of his bad and good karma separately and till these accounts between the two souls are settled they keep taking birth into a new life. Our identity may be as that of a person but our life exists on interactions with others. In our existence we deal with others and hence create accounts of debit and credit with them. We are now living connections which we made in our pastlife and are currently dealing with the related accounts. The emotions we feel towards another person are based on these karmic accounts or the energy exchange between the two souls. When the karmic account of a soul is zero, he is liberated and becomes a divine human being.

How do we manage these accounts? They say happiness and good karma always complement each other and it is something that we create. If we tone down our expectations a bit, tend to be a little more compassionate and forgiving in our relationships and honest to our own feelings without any pretence, we will be more at peace with ourselves. If these particular thoughts are internalized and executed in all situations under any circumstances then we have reached a different awareness level than otherwise. This state leads to inner peace and induces a state of bliss. Being in such state can only produce good karma and good thoughts, which will then fuel back happiness. The cycle goes on.

Changing Your Luck with Changing Of Karma:

The first step to changing karma is to understand that it directly affects our destiny and if anything related to it has to change it has to be the seed of karma that is the thought. If we are to change it we have to begin with changing our mindset and regulating our thoughts. Lot of times we hold so many doubts in our mind that they make us mentally vulnerable. Doubts in personal life, professional life, and social life create clutters, and clutters are negative. They bring the negative vibes out of us. To have a clutter free mind is difficult proposition, and so it is difficult to monitor thoughts as it needs a lot of alertness of mind. That itself may be a huge goal to achieve. There is a simpler way, to monitor how you feel. The link is simple; if you are happy or possess positive thoughts your mind sends positive energies to the universe. As you send out such vibrations the more it will attract of similar kind as per the law of attraction. Nobody has ever been poor by giving, give the best to the rest of the world, and good karma will follow your steps back home.

If you reflect you will see that whenever things go wrong or don’t go our way we feel let down, stressed and low in energy. The thoughts sent in this state are going to be low vibration weak thoughts, and also will attract similar forming a chain of negatively charged thoughts. It is very easy to fall prey to the thought that we are victims of luck. But with the right awareness and effort when it does occur to you that the reason for everything lies within you, you sit back to see changes in your life.

Imagine a man being held as a captive for days, he was tortured everyday and prayed for his faith to be restored. When his captors were caught and he was released, the man was asked what his most dreadful experience was ever. He said that once he was almost about to give up on faith and losing my compassion on my captors. People were taken aback by his response, and then he explained. He said by torturing him every day the captors were increasing their bad karma, and cleansing his negative karma. They were inviting future negative incidents on themselves, and he instead was getting closer to good karma and enlightenment. He felt himself as the decider of their misfortunes and this gave him all the energy he required to sustain. It’s amazing isn’t it? Maybe it’s too good to be true or applied in our everyday life? But we can of course try to let go of the negatives, turn them into positives, and look for the good everything holds. Everything that’s denied or comes as a negative set back has some underlying meaning or hidden blessing in some form or the other. Holding on to this belief and working towards making life of yours and others around you will generate good karma, and automatically good luck. You can create your own good luck when you change your karma, how you deal with a situation, how you respond to the challenges in life, how you fight and give in your best to bring the best of what is offered to you. When your mindset is changed your actions change, when your actions change your karma change, when your karma changes good luck automatically follows you.

To move towards our goal there are certain thoughts we need to be aware of

– work towards positive frame: This would mean consciously thinking positive thoughts. As the law of attraction works every moment in the universe around us we should be hence aware of what we think. Lot of our long held beliefs, behavior and experiences also put obstacles in this pathway.

– aware of limiting system: many a times in life we face a set back because we are so tuned to a certain belief system we don’t want to be flexible at all. For example, a student thinking that saving can happen only when we hold a job. If we practically think saving is a mindset and it can be done even while a student is in college and yet holding an evening job. It may just be a limiting belief since that is what the person has grown up with. Learning to be fluid and have the patience to go with the flow is essential.

– positive language: if we notice we generally have a tendency to start sentences with don’t, can’t and so on. It may be a minor reflection yet goes a long way in furthering your goal of changing your thoughts. Instead of using language which brings down your energy level it is better to rephrase your sentence with a positive note. Rather than saying “Don’t break the glass while going to keep in the sink” it serves a better purpose to say”keep the glass carefully”. Language and words is a very important tool, in making your karma have a positive influence. It may be always better to adopt a positive mindset and keep moving. Dwelling over past mistakes and worrying over them does not serve any purpose. Creating good karma is need of the hour.

controlling our responses: life does not allow us to control our external circumstances. But we are always in a position to decide how we react to it. Responding is always in our hand and that has to be done responsibly. You need to have good intent at heart. Keeping god’s grace while we use our mind to make our choices and decisions always helps. You seem to have a universal support rallying for you.

– keep good lifestyle: a life which has no discipline with regard to food, sleep, exercise, work and related issues always tends to be stressed. A cluttered mind always gives skewed decisions .It is of importance then that we eat and sleep right. No excess of any kind or deprivation of any should bring about imbalances in mind which are then reflected in your thoughts and actions.

– manage ego: we think no end of ourselves and we always seem to be in an illusion that we are right and can never go wrong. Whatever wrong happens to us we try to find a person or luck to blame for our misfortunes. Instead of saying “I was unlucky” say ”I will try better next time”; you know you can. Egoistical thinking bothers how we act or react. So to maintain a balance between ‘me’ and its right manifestation is our responsibility.










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