Karma – Master Simon Lau

Karma – Master Simon Lau

(The following article is a transcription of a teaching by Master Simon Lau, held at the Simon Lau Centre on 19th August 2013. – Transcribed and edited by: Gennaro Ambrosino)

Karma is the law of cause and effect.  Between a cause and its effects there are actions that can be taken.

From it comes also the causes and reasons for what you do.  Your life is primarily about what you do rather than what you have, and this is defined by your Karma.

The intention with which you approach what you do produces results, which we call effects.

The date and time of birth are for me like passwords that can reveal, in an astrology reading, what you did in your previous life.  They’re the extension of your previous life into the present one; therefore my predictions are not about the future, but rather about the past life.

The Karma from your past life determines events in this life and can affect and influence your present at all time; however the way you think, your behavior and attitude in this life have nothing to do with your previous life.  The way you respond to the events and circumstances in this life is not recorded in your Karma, generated by your past life.

Fortunately everyday is a new day – new day, new energy, which means that the choices you make now and how you respond to whatever life is presenting you is entirely up to you and it’s not recorded in your past life; it is not caused by your Karma.

In the same way, the causes for the encounters we make in this life, for the people that cross our path, lie in the Karma from our past life, but how you’re going to deal with these meetings, the way you approach them has nothing to do with your previous life.

What you do with your time now, your efforts, the way you think, your mentality, attitude and behavior have nothing to do with your Karmic record.

Therefore what I refer to as meaningful meetings, in a spiritual sense, are never accidental or just a coincidence.  For this reason if you deal with such meetings with your conditioned mind, you can be sure that you won’t get the best out of them, instead doing so can produce negative outcomes.

Your journey is really determined by who you meet and by the people you interact with in your life, rather than by what you have; it’s the people you meet who really can bring luck and fortune into your life.  When you’re lucky you meet someone good, someone who makes you happy and happiness is ultimately what makes you a fortunate person.  But as we were saying before, that your present actions and choices have nothing to do with your past life Karma, even if you are fortunate to meet good people, the way you deal with these encounters, can still affect your luck.  If you deal with them with your conditioned mind then what you’re doing is nothing but perpetuating the imprint of your past life, meaning you are carrying forward the same patterns you experienced in your last life, hence becoming a victim of your Karma.

Cultivating a spiritual life means learning to understand your heart.  It doesn’t really matter if someone doesn’t understand your heart as long as you do!

The heart ( Xīn) needs to be supported and protected by wisdom ( Zhì)

Heart supported by wisdom (心智– Xīnzhì)

In order to successfully deal with the encounters and people that life brings on your path you have to use your heart and wisdom, failing to do so you become a victim of your last journey and Karmic debts.

Wisdom ( Zhì) – is the capacity of becoming detached by external wants and desires.

With wisdom you develop the capacity to not be influenced and to remain unaffected by outer changes.  How do we do this?  You see, you hear, but your heart doesn’t go out, which means it doesn’t get identified and affected by external factors and circumstances.

So therefore it is up to you and to the efforts you’re willing to make, how you enhance these meetings.  With the awareness that a meaningful meeting has its cause in your Karma, with the newly acquired knowledge of 心智 Xīnzhì, and your willingness to apply it, you can consciously produce positive results (effects), instead of unconsciously repeating the same patterns and be a victim of your Karma.

The cause from your previous life is just like a seed.  But the quality of the fruit will depend on your cultivation and on sun and water; too much water is not good, neither is too much sun.

As an analogy, when we say that the way you enhance a meeting is entirely up to you, it’s because the cultivation has nothing to do with your previous life…sun and water belongs to the NOW, doesn’t it?!… your attitude and the way you choose to respond to the events are about your present…it’s here and now!

Once you understand this wisdom your life completely changes, truly speaking.  You won’t be affected and influenced by external circumstances so easily anymore.

Everything related with the impermanent nature of this reality still goes on; everything is in constant change; four seasons, people getting on with their everyday lives, birth, old age, death, rich people, poor people, times of calmness and times of revolution, but if you apply this knowledge your heart stays still and simply observes the changes without being affected by them.

This is why everyday is a new day, because when you apply 心智 Xīnzhì, you’re writing a new script.

The past can influence you, in the same way that what happened yesterday influences your day today, but what you do today is independent from yesterday; however it will have effects on your tomorrow, possibly on the rest of your life and on top of that it will influence your next life too!

What I wish to communicate to you is that this knowledge (and its application) is utterly transformative…finding your own heart, and learning from it, is part of a process of self-knowledge and self-realisation.  It’s the first step you walk from confusion to enlightenment.  When you’re confused you can be quite uptight, serious and excessively self-conscious and self-concerned.  When you walk away from confusion towards clarity (enlightenment) you become lighthearted and you are in ‘good spirit’.

When you learn and begin to experience this, then we start to talk about meaning – for everything we do have to have meaning.  Meaning to the heart is not the same as meaning to the mind…whatever we do.

That’s why in our common language we use expressions like ‘ask your heart’, ‘your heart has the answer’, even though we don’t necessarily know what it actually means…but that’s next chapter…you have to digest this first.


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