Your World – A Reflection of your Mind



In this world, we find people complaining about many types of misfortunes and feeling euphoric on insignificant occasions of pleasure. There are habitual pessimists blaming everyone for everything. Expressions like “This world is very bad”; “Times are bad”; “Honesty is a virtue of the past”; “Religion has been buried for good”- are very commonly bandied about. If someone is in the habit of repeating such phrases, he is expressing only the impressions of his mind and you can safely assume that he himself is a cheat and dishonest person.

Man has systematically built the image of his unhappy world by interacting with pessimistic people around himself. If someone is in the habit of complaining about lack of opportunities for work, widespread unemployment, failure of good industries and nonavailability of good jobs, take it for granted that his ideosphere is full of thick clouds of indolence, torpor and incompetence. This he finds reflected everywhere in the world. If someone sees this world as full of self-centered hypocrites or sinners or evil and uncivilized persons, infer that the individual himself has an abundance of corresponding negative attributes in his own self. This world is like a magnificent large mirror, which faithfully reflects your ideosphere. As mentioned earlier, elements of this world precipitate three types of qualitative attributes (Sat, Raj and Tam) in life. Whichever attribute dominates in the personality of an individual; it attracts its counterpart from the world at large.

Wherever a short-tempered person goes, he finds someone to quarrel with. One who has hatred in mind will always find out an object to be hated. To an unfair person everyone appears, ill-mannered, uncivil and worthy of punishment. Whenever an individual interacts with someone, he/she views the latter in the same light with which his own personality is coloured. A person of impeccable morality rarely comes across a woman of fallen virtue. Scholars do get avenues for right information. Seekers of truth always find opportunities for quenching their thirst for wisdom. Enlightened souls have always been living on this earth. Wherever they live, environment around them attracts virtuous persons.

However, it is not our intention to prove that there is absolutely no evil on this earth and whatever good or bad we find here is totally a reflection of our own field of view. It has been repeatedly stated that in this world, good, average and bad (Sat, Raj and Tam) coexist and one receives what one gets tuned into.

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