Who are you ?



Each individual has different identities for different roles in life. This identity depends on the relationship with the person with whom he/she interacts. For mother he/she may be an object of maternal affection, for father an obedient child, for the teacher an intelligent pupil and for friends a dependable good-humoured buddy. Wife looks at a man as her beloved darling, whereas his son relates to him as his father. The same person appears to his enemy as an adversary; to the shopkeeper as a customer; to the servant as a master; to the horse as a rider; to the caged bird as the jailor. Bed bugs and mosquitoes find him as nothing else but a source of delicious blood. If one could visualize the various mental images, which people have for an individual, it would be found that each person has one’s own peculiar concept and none of these conform to the other. Besides, none of these images identifies the whole individual accurately. Everyone conceptualizes an individual according to the particular bend with which they are mutually related to each other. It is even more amusing that man himself lives confused in his multi-personal bends. Throughout life he lives with multiple self-identifications. Various thoughts like “I am an adulterer”; “I am wealthy”; “I am old”; “I have no family”; “I am ugly”; “I am popular”; “I am unhappy”; “I am surrounded by vile persons”;……….keep on changing and churning his ideosphere. As other persons form an image about an individual according to their interests, the individual too builds an eccentric lop-sided image of himself based on perceptions of his sense organs. Like a drugged person he keeps on hallucinating in his numerous momentary identities. If he could truly identify with his own inner self, he would be surprised to know how far he has strayed away from Truth. (Read, “What am I” by the author).

Man always lives in a make-believe world created by his own imagination. In this dream world, one man builds castles in the air, the other fights with the windmills like Don Quixote and yet other derives pleasure of embracing and kissing his beloved while fondling his pet dog.

Deluded by ignorance, we are all hallucinating in an imaginary world. One thinks that he is living in a palace. The other trembles because of imaginary fears. Yet another daydream of being engaged to the most beautiful damsel in the world. Some insane person is found rejoicing in showing off wealth and ‘kingdom’. This world is like a mental asylum where we find all types of mad caps. Each has one’s own eccentricity. Everyone considers himself as the most intelligent person. Go to a mental asylum and observe the fantasies of the long-term inmates. You will find a close parallel to the daydreamers of this world, who very much consider themselves as sane and sober.

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