Create Your Own World



The physical cosmos, according to a philosopher, is made up of inert components, which can be moulded into any desired configuration. The doer, man, is animate, whereas elements of the cosmos are inert. The animate doer has the capacity to utilize an inert substance as needed. A potter has free choice to make any object of pottery out of raw mud. A goldsmith can make any ornament from gold. With the needle and thread, a tailor may make a shirt or a trouser. The material world consists of elements creating three types of ‘qualitative reactions’ in life. In spiritual parlance these ‘natural attributes’ of the world are known as Sat, Raj and Tam. Broadly speaking, Sat stands for the most refined cohesive and super conductive medium of the spirit; Tam for the most opaque, sluggish and perverted and Raj most perturbed and unstable in which both Sat and Tam coexist in continued disequilibrium. Man is free to choose any combination of attributes amongst these with the one predominant over the other two.

In a garden there is slush, filth as well as fragrance of flowers. Worms creep into the mud, flies find out the filth and the bees go straight to the flowers. Everyone receives things of one’s choice. Bats and owls can see even during the darkest of night. Honeybees are able to detect fructose in the tiny flowers hidden in a thick bush and the poisonous snakes manufacture venom out of harmless organic substances. In this world, good and bad things, virtues and vices, morality and immorality exist everywhere. It is like that super cafeteria, where the customer has free choice to procure sweet, sour or bitter food. The shelves of the super market of the world are stocked with stuffs of unlimited varieties. Customers enter the shop and purchase items of their taste. Our Supreme Mother has kept prepared dishes for everyone’s taste The Ideosphere (Personal Ideological Environment) of a thief is overwhelmed with thievery. This ideosphere will easily interact with the compatible ideosphere of other thieves. Be it a prison, society or house, everywhere a thief will find thievery being discussed. His family members will generally talk about thievery. Some will support his avocation others oppose it. When the thief moves in the society, persons known to him will pass good or bad comments about his profession. When he meets fellow thieves, they will talk only about the tricks of the trade. In a prison, thieves will flock together and immediately discuss their favourite subject. In this way a thief will find the entire world revolving around thievery. He will regard thievery as the most important trade and think very little of anything else. He will be indifferent to other things in life. Similarly an adulterer or adulteress will see an adulterant in each man and woman. He/she will collect and display erotic photographs, paintings and literature in the house. Friends and acquaintances having similar inclinations will be easily found. In his/her mind sex will become the most important issue in life. In the same manner drunkards and drug addicts create their own worlds. It is up to you to create the world of your choice.

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