XX. Janaka on the transcendence of the Self

The Song of the Self-Supreme

Ashtavakra Gita

Radhakamal Mukherjee (publisher Motilal Banarsidass Publishers 1971)

XX.  Janaka on the transcendence of the Self

  1. Janaka said : To my signless Self what are the gross elements (of nature) and what is the body, what are the organs of senses, what is the mind, what is void and what is the state that transcends hope?
  2. To me ever transcending the duality of opposites, what is scripture and what is knowledge of the Self, what is mind dissociated from objects and what is contentment?
  3. What is knowledge and what is ignorance, what is the ego and what is the world, what is mine, and what is bondage, and what is liberation, what is definition of the essential Self?
  4. To myself, who am ever free from particularization, what is the ripening action pertaining to previous births, what is liberation in life and what is aloneness at death?
  5. To myself who am ever devoid of natural attributes, what is the doer and what is the enjoyer, what is inaction and what is manifestation, what is direct apprehension (of the Self) and what is the fruit thereof?
  6. To my indivisible, essential Self, what is the world and what is the aspirant for liberation, what is the yogi and what is the wise man, what is the non-free and what is the free man?
  7. To my indivisible essential Self, what is creation and what is withdrawal, what is end and what is means, what is the seeker and what is the accomplishment?
  8. To the self ever taintless, what is the knower and knowledge, what is the means and object of knowledge and what is knowledge, what is something and what is nothing?
  9. To me ever actionless, what is distraction and what is concentration, what is inertia and what is delusion and what is joy and what is sorrow?
  10. To me who am ever free from (discursive) reasoning, what is relation and what is absoluteness, what is happiness and what is misery?
  11. To me who am ever taintless, what is illusion and what is the (ephemeral) samsara, what is attachment and what is repulsion, what is jiva (the empirical self) and what is That Brahman?
  12. To me ever-abiding in the immutable and indivisible Self, what is impulsion and what is withdrawal, what is liberation and what is bondage?
  13. To me who am Siva (the supremely blissful, tranquil and good) and unconditioned, what is teaching and what is scripture, what is disciple and what is master, and what is the ultimate goal of life?
  14. What is the existence and what is non-existence, what is the dual and what is the nn-dual? Nothing of me springs up. What more can be said?



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