XI. Astavakra on the self as pure and radiant intelligence

The Song of the Self-Supreme

Ashtavakra Gita

Radhakamal Mukherjee (publisher Motilal Banarsidass Publishers 1971)

XI.  Astavakra on the self as pure and radiant intelligence

  1. Astavakra said: One who understands with certitude that existence, destruction and change are inherent in things becomes unaffected and free from pain. It is he who can easily find peace.
  2. God (the Self) is the creator of all, there is none else in the universe. Knowing this for certain, one finds desire melted away and becomes serene. He becomes attached to nothing.
  3. Knowing for certain that in the course of time fortune and misfortune visit one through destiny, he becomes ever contended and constantly holds the senses in check. He neither desires nor grieves.
  4. Knowing for certain that happiness and sorrow, birth and death surely come of themselves through fate, one does not seek after the goals of life and becomes non-active. His deeds do not involve him.
  5. Knowing for certain that in the world sorrow is caused through anxiety and not otherwise, a person free from this becomes happy and peaceful with his desires melted away.
  6. Knowing for certain that ‘I am not the body n or the body belongs to me, and I am intelligence itself’, one attains the absolute aloneness of the self. He does not remember what he has done and what has been left undone.
  7. Knowing for certain that it is verily I who am from Brahma to the clump of grass, one becomes free from the fluctuations of thought or reasoning; pure and serene he withdraws himself from what is to be attained and not attained.
  8. Knowing for certain that this manifold, marvelous world is non-existent, one be comes desireless and pure intelligence. He becomes, serene, since nothing exists (for him).

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