X. Astavakra on Dispassion

The Song of the Self-Supreme

Ashtavakra Gita

Radhakamal Mukherjee (publisher Motilal Banarsidass Publishers 1971)

X.  Astavakra on Dispassion

  1. Having given up desire as the enemy, wealth as associated with mischief and also piety as leading to both desire and wealth, practice neglect (of the goals of life).
  2. Look upon friend, land, wealth, house, wife and other objects of fortune as a dream or a magician’s show, lasting (only) for three or five days.
  3. Know that as the world wherever there is desire. Cultivating strong dispassion, free yourself from desire and be contented.
  4. Desire alone is the soul of bondage. Its annihilation is said to be salvation. Through non-attachment to the world alone one attains constant bliss of realization (of the Self).
  5. You are the one, pure intelligence. The universe is material and unreal (devoid of intelligence). Ignorance is also non-existent. Then what wish to know can be there for you?
  6. From birth to birth, kingdoms, sons, wives, bodies and pleasures to which you were attached have been lost.
  7. Enough of wealth, desire and piety in the wilderness. The mind cannot find peace in these.
  8. For innumerable births have you undertaken work, painful and exacting, with your body, mind and speech. Hence find rest at least now.

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