The Unperceived World of Thought

The Unperceived World of Thought

We are accustomed to perceiving and responding primarily to gross manifestations that can be picked up by the senses. For the most part, we remain unaware of the subtle forces around us. Yet every thought we think sets up a particular subtle vibration. Do you know that because of this you can’t hide from others what you really are? If you have done wrong, you know it. Even though you think you may be hiding it, the consciousness of having done wrong is present in your thoughts. People will find you out, because those thought vibrations will be reflected in some way in your behaviour. The same of course is true of good thoughts. When you mentally utter the word “God,” and keep on repeating that thought within, it sets up a vibration that invokes the presence of God.

Thoughts are so subtle that no instrument has been able to record them. This is why we have voices; they enable us to convey our thoughts. But if you advance spiritually and cultivate deep calmness within, you will be able to feel and read the thoughts of others. When you are disturbed or restless, your mind radio is so out of tune it cannot receive their mental messages.

If your consciousness is always fixed on externals—the body, desires, what somebody else has or is doing—it will never be aware of the subtle activities that are going on within and around you.

The five senses are extremely limited. The eyes can behold only certain vibrations of light. The ears can receive only certain rates of sound vibrations—any vibration too high or too low is not perceived.

Unheard by most people, the whole universe is sending forth music: the great sound of Aum or Amen, the Holy Comforter, emanating from all creation. “They seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand, ”  Thus Jesus referred to the limited nature of the senses.

Man is the inventor of instruments that can perform miraculous tasks he himself cannot do. The microscope gives him a supersense through which he can see many things invisible to the naked eye. The radio has made available more knowledge about the world than any other modern invention.  But remember, it is man’s mind that has discovered the universal principles which made possible the microscope and radio. It is the power of the mind you must cultivate. When you develop spiritually, your sight and hearing—each one of your senses— become so refined that you can perceive all the subtleties of which I speak. You will perceive the vibrations of thought, which are the true essence of the gross vibrations to which the limited physical senses are attuned.

You will be able to see right through others’ outer pretenses and perceive their thoughts. But it won’t influence your attitude against those persons. You won’t judge them, because you will understand them. God knows all the thoughts—good and bad— of every human being; yet He loves all His children just the same.

If you are always looking at the world through a blue glass, everything will appear to be blue. So if you look through a blue glass of prejudice or hatred or emotion, you cannot behold people or conditions as they really are. As soon as you become ruffled by such feelings, your voice becomes harsh and you feel antagonistic and spiteful. But when you are calm and at peace within, you love everyone and feel friendly toward all. This is the harmony God intended for His creation. You should develop changelessness, evenmindedness, in this changing world; then the evil thoughts of others will not disturb or influence you. You will begin to feel the true subtle nature of human beings and the universe in which we live, and become more aware of the fourth dimension.


======Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda==============================

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