Everyone is hungry for answers about their lives, and the universal consciousness has the answers for us. We just need to get out of the way and allow the answers in. Intuition is the primary means the universe uses to contact and connect with us. We all have intuition. We all have the ability to tap in to our wisest self, that part of us which has more knowledge and wisdom than the conscious mind, and which can help guide our lives with greater intelligence. Intuition gives us direct access to the highest levels of universal consciousness, where we join our spirits to divine goodness, wisdom and love. When we use our intuition to connect to that level, our lives become easier, simply because we are aligned with destiny rather than fighting it.

Intuition can’t eliminate all our problems. We are put on this earth to learn different lessons with each lifetime, and sometimes those lessons require going through difficulties. But when we use our intuition to help guide us, it is like riding a surfboard. We can use the currents of destiny to our advantage, giving us more momentum and a much more pleasant ride than if we had tried to swim through the same patch of ocean. In the same way, tuning in to what the universe has in store for us helps us prevent potential problems and attain the goals we set for ourselves. It enables us to face our fears and live a life grounded in truth – about ourselves, about the people we love, about life, the realities of death, and the life hereafter. And yes, living in tune with our wisest self can make us happier, because we see more clearly how we are surrounded by universal, unconditional love.

After many years of using my own intuition, and now having trained hundreds of people in my method for tapping in to their wisest selves, I can say with confidence that intuition will take you places logic never could.


Five Reasons to Use Intuition:

  1. Intuition helps us to prepare for the future and eliminate worry.
  2. Intuition lets us help others, especially our loved ones.
  3. Intuition lets us know when we are in sync with the universe.
  4. Intuition teaches us to trust our own wisdom.
  5. Finally, intuition helps us grow and develop as souls.

Test yourself

Now that you know all the excellent reasons for cultivating your God-given sixth sense, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  You have been using this ability for years ! If you don’t believe it, take a look at the list of statements below. If you can answer “yes” to any one of them, you’ve used your intuition to tap in to something greater than your own logical brain.

  1. I have thought about someone only to have them call me soon afterward.
  2. I’ve felt positive or negative about a particular person and had my feelings proven true.
  3. I’ve bought a stock or made a business decision based on a hunch and been successful.
  4. I’ve sensed something about my health which was verified by a visit to a doctor or the development of a health problem.
  5. I’ve been able to tell what someone else was thinking.
  6. I’ve picked up on the emotions of my spouse or significant other.
  7. I’ve known my child was in distress even though we weren’t in the same place.
  8. I’ve felt the presence of or dreamed about a departed loved one.
  9. I’ve had lights or the TV or radio go on inexplicably.
  10. I’ve felt uncomfortable about going down a certain road or stopping in a certain location or taking a trip on an airplane, and listened to the warning.
  11. I’ve been awakened by a dream in the middle of the night that seemed to contain a message for me.
  12. I’ve been thinking of someone and a piece of music associated with them has come on the radio.
  13. I’ve seen something out of the corner of my eye – a person, an object – or simply felt a sense of motion, and when I turned to look at it directly, there was nothing there.
  14. I’ve encountered someone whom I feel I’ve known before, even though we’ve never met.
  15. I’ve found myself getting a ‘hit’ on something when I know there is no logical source for the information.
  16. I somehow know the right words to say in a situation.
  17. I’ve solved a problem with a solution that came to be out of nowhere.
  18. I’m in the car, humming a song. I turn on the radio, and the same song is playing.
  19. I ask the universe for a “sign” to help me answer a question and I see a license plate, road sign, TV ad, or something else that pertains to my question and is more than coincidental.


If any of these statements apply to you, congratulations! You’re already using your intuition.





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