Use Thought to Solve problems

Use Thought to Solve problems

Try this experiment today. Select one particular thing in your life which is not going well and which you wish to make successful. Then treat it each day with selected thought. Spend from a quarter of an hour to half an hour reconsidering the matter in the light of your knowledge of God and of prayer. Remind yourself that harmony and true success are the divine purposes of your life. Remind yourself that this particular thing must come under that law. Realize that because there can be no exception to natural law, this thing cannot remain inharmonious or negative once you know the Truth about it. Realize that you are now knowing the Truth about it and claim that the Divine Power in you is healing the condition completely and permanently.

Then give thanks  for a complete demonstration. Give thanks and try to feel thankful. Mentally act the part of a person who has received his demonstration and is filled with natural gratitude. Remember that praise and thanksgiving are the most important prayers of all. Do not treat the subject again until the next day.

Next day, repeat your treatment, and so on each day until the demonstration comes.

The treatment, however, is only half of the work. In between treatments you must keep your thought right concerning the problem. If it is possible to keep your thought off it altogether in the intervals between treating, so much for the better. If for any reason this is not possible, either because you are very much worried concerning it or because the condition is one which you cannot really get away from, the thing to do is to handle it with right thought all day long. This is vital. You must not allow yourself to think wrongly concerning that subject under any circumstances. If other people speak negatively, you cannot help that but you are not obliged to agree with them mentally. Remember that it is your mental agreement or acceptance that controls your life.

This all-day-long guiding of your thought about a particular subject cannot fail to bring your demonstration if you are persistent…

You have a goldmine within more fabulous than the famous mines of King Solomon, or any of those that have been discovered in the Klondike, or California, or the Rand. Of course, the gold mine within does not mean within the body. It certainly does not mean within in any physical sense.

In metaphysics, or the Truth teaching, when we speak of ‘within’ we mean thought. ;Without’ or ‘outside’ means expression, or manifestation. For instance, we sometimes say, ‘As within so without,’ meaning that as we think so do we express.

So the gold mine within means that your power in life lies in your thought. However, to operate this gold mine you need a contact with God. It will be of little avail to reach out for it without that.

Your contact with God lies in recognizing your identity, the ‘I am.’ The ‘I am’ is everything you arrogate to yourself in thought. If you say, ‘ I am sick,’ you have ordered your own. If you say, ‘I am well, I am one with God,’ you have ordered your own.

God is universal—‘I am what I am’— and you as an individual particularize it when you say, ‘I am.’ When you use your ‘I am ’in an inverted or negative sense, you are using it against yourself and will bring sickness, poverty, controversy, and fear into your life.

When you particularize, or individualize, Divine Power by using ‘I am’ constructively, then you will get health, prosperity, and abounding happiness, for you have identified yourself with God – the gold mine within.

——————————————————————————— Emmet Fox ———————————

2 thoughts on “Use Thought to Solve problems

  1. அய்யனார் சுவாமி சுலோகம் இல்லயே… பெயர் ராசி நட்சத்திரம் சொல்லி அர்ச்சனை செய்யும் மந்திரம் இல்லயே….


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