Devata in Sri Chakram

O Goddess ! who art eternal and art served all around by the rays, Anima and others emanating from Thine own frame ! What is there to wonder at, if the Fire of the great Deluge should perform the ritual of offering lights before whosoever conceives Thee always ‘I am (Thou)’, treating the wealth of Tri-nayana as mere straw ?


Rays emanating from Thine own frame:  The Sri-chakraa of nine parts, in the form of Aavaranana-devataas-s as detailed below:


  1. The three quadrangles of the Bhugrha,
  • wherein abide the eight sidhhis: Animaa, Laghimaa, Mahimaa, Vasitva, Isaatva, Praakaamya, Prapti and Sarva-kaama-pradhaayini in the first quadrangle;
  • the eight Matrs (Mathaas) – Braahmii, Maaheswarii, Kaumaarii, Vaishnavii, Vaaraahee, Maahendrii, Chaamundaa and Mahalakshmi in the second quadrangle;
  • the ten Mudraa-s – in the third quadrangle:  Sarva-samkshobini, Sarva-vidraavini, Sarvaakarshini, Sarva-vasankari, Sarvonmaadini, Sarva-mahaankusaa, Sarva-kechari, Sarva-bijaa, Sarva-yoni, Sarva-thrikhandaa
  1. Sixteen Devata-s in the sixteen petalled lotus: Kaamaakarshini, Budhhyaakarshini, Ahamkaaraakarshini, Sabdaakarshini, Sparsaakarshini, Rupaakarshini, Rasaakarshini, Gandhaakarshini, Chittaakarshini, Dairyaakarshini, Smrtyaagarshini, Naamaakarshini, Bijaakarshini, Aatmaakarshini, Amrtaakarshini, Sareeraakarshini
  2. Eight Devata-s in the eight petalled lotus: Anaga-kusumaa, Ananga-mekalaa, Ananga-madanaa, Ananga-madanaaturaa, Ananga-rekaa, Ananga-veginee, Anangaankusaa, Ananga-maalinee
  3. Fourteen Devatas in the Chadurasaara: Sarva-samkshobini, Sarva-vidraavini, Sarva-akarshini, Sarvaahlaadini, Sarva-sammohani, Sarva-stambini, Sarva-jrmbhini, Sarva-vasamkari, Sarva-ranjani, Sarvonmaadini, Sarvaartha-saadhani, Sarva-sampattipurani, Sarva-mantramayi, Sarva-dvandakshayankari
  4. Ten Devata-s in the Bahir-dasaara: Sarva-sidhhipradhaa, Sarva-sampatpradhaa, Sarva-priyankari, Sarva-mangala kaarini, Sarva-kaamapradaa, Sarva-soubhaagyadaayini, Sarva-mruthyu-prasamani, Sarva-vigna-nivaarini, Sarvaanga-sundari, Sarva-dukha-vimochani
  5. Ten Devata-s in the Antar-dasaara: Sarvajnaa, Sarva-sakti, Sarvaisvaryapradaa, Sarva-jnaamayi, Sarva-vyaadhi-vinaasini, Sarvaadhaara-swarupa, Sarva-paapahara, Sarvaanandamayi, Sarva-rakshaa-svarupini, sarvepsita-phalaprada
  6. Eight Devatas in the Ashta-kona: Vasini, Kaamesi, Modini, Vimalaa, Arunaa, Jayini, Sarvesi, Kaulini
  7. Three Devatas in the tri-kona: Kaamesvari, Vajresi, Bhagamaalaa
  8. In the middle: Tripurasundari


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